Cheltenham is a city where musicians are very popular. Lizz performs for many events such as birthdays, parties and even stage performances. Lizz is the perfect musician for events in Cheltenham and one of the most famous Violinists in Cheltenham . With glamorous virtuosity, infectious passion and vital energy, she leaves the audience amazed by her talents. Lizz is a unique and a one of a kind individual who specializes in all types of music including classical music. Lizz is the perfect combination of both a jazz and classical musician in Cheltenham. The praise that she receives is well earned because she works hard for it all. People say that when Lizz plays her violin, they get lost in the sound and thoroughly enjoy the music.

All types of music can be covered within one ceremony. Lizz plays for many corporate parties and events which are great fun to watch and brings entertainment to everyone in attendance. Performing Corporate entertainment in Cheltenham at a fun party through the music of a violin is an amazing thing to experience. Lizz challenges all preconceptions about music, gathering all genres of music into one platform and her talents while performing seem never ending.