The structure of a typical wedding day can be simply sectioned into 4 parts as shown below. Stylistic suggestions have been given for each section.

1. Arrival of your guests (30 minutes approx.)
To reflect the traditional formalities of the ceremony to come, brides will often choose to have the acoustic violin at this point performing light classical music.

2. Wedding Ceremony (25-45 minutes)
The preferred classical options are listed here for ideas.

Entrance of the Bride (20-60 seconds):
‘Here comes the bride’ Wagner

Signing of the register (3 pieces):
‘Canon in D’ Pachelbel, ‘Meditation’ Massenet, ‘Salut d’amour’ Elgar.

Exit of the bride and groom (1 minute):
‘Wedding March’ Mendelssohn.


3. Photos & drinks reception (45 minutes-2 hours):
At this point in the day it makes a wonderful change in atmosphere to change the musical style and for lizz to get more involved and walk amongst your guests taking requests from interested listeners!
She suggests the amplified acoustic violin or electric violin with live band backing tracks. You can pick tracks from her extensive REPERTOIRE to create your own personal play list or allow Lizz to simply pick the music she feels is most appropriate to her audience at the time.

4. Wedding Breakfast (1½ – 2½ hours):
It is recommended that for anything over 50 seated guests Lizz plays amplified at this point and with the live band backing tracks to create a fuller background sound. Lizz can wander around the tables serenading guests or can perform in a designated area for diners to watch at leisure.

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